Texas Health Hospital Rockwall’s North ER, located at 2265 N. Lakeshore Drive, is temporarily closed effective midnight Friday, Aug 06. This temporary closure will allow members of the medical team to transfer to our hospital’s main campus on Horizon Road, where they will provide care related to the pandemic.

COVID 19 Updates and Guidelines


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VISITATION POLICY (updated October 1, 2021) 

As caregivers, we understand how important it is to have the support of family and friends while in the hospital; however we are obligated to limit exposure risk to our patients and care teams while reducing spread of infection in the community and truly appreciate your support.

Please review our current visitation policy including those for specific departments of interest and contact the hospital prior to your arrival if you have questions. Guidelines are in place for visitation of COVID+ patients that may deviate from what is shown below.  Please speak to the nurse about this visitation process.

Inpatient Department (Medical Telemetry, Post Surgical Unit)

  • One visitor per day for patients. Visitor must meet screening guidelines.

Surgery Department

  • One visitor a day may wait while the patient is in surgery as long as the patient is not COVID-19 positive or suspected of having COVID-19. Visitor must meet screening guidelines.

Labor and Delivery (Maternity)

  • One support person per day during labor & delivery (doula not included in this count) and post-partum.
  • Due to space constraints family members cannot wait in the lobby.
  • One non-hospital care team member (Doula) allowed for labor and delivery
  • Two parents or guardians only in Nursery 

Emergency Room 

  • Due to volume and space constraints in the waiting room, visitors are restricted at this time. Whenever possible, we will allow one visitor per patient in the waiting room.
  • If ER volume prevents visitors from being allowed, the visitor must wait external to the building until the patient obtains a room. We will notify parties when the patient is in a room. One visitor is allowed once patient has been admitted to an ER room.  Due to space limitations and for the safety of all, patients being treated in the medical tent are not able to have visitors.
  • Visitor must remain in the room with the patient at all times.
  • If the support person/visitor cannot stay they will be provided contact information to receive updates
  • If patient is admitted to a hospital room during visiting hours the visitor will be able to accompany patient to their inpatient room (unless patient is COVID+ or suspected of having COVID-19). 

Outpatient Radiology

  • One visitor is allowed to wait in hospital lobby. Visitor must meet screening guidelines and for space and safety purposes visitor is not able to be present during radiology test.
  • Exception will be made for patients under the age of 18 or if needed to support patients with impairment or mobility and in these instances only one visitor may be allowed

Outpatient Lab, Pre-admit testing

  • No visitors
  • Exception will be made for patients under the age of 18 or if needed to support patients with impairment or mobility and in these instances only one visitor may be allowed

Women's Imaging Center

  • No visitors
  • Exception will be made for patients under the age of 18 or if needed to support patients with impairment or mobility and in these instances only one visitor may be allowed

Extenuating circumstances will be determined on a case by case basis. We remain open minded to those situations that may warrant additional support from loved ones. Please reach out to your caregiver or a department leader if you feel this is your situation.

Everyone entering the hospital must meet the following guidelines and screening criteria:

  • Everyone will be screened upon entry.  Anyone exhibiting symptoms of illness will be asked to leave.
  • Must be at least 16 years of age (no visitors under the age of 16)
  • Wear a mask at all times, including inside patient rooms
  • Follow social distancing guidelines of at least 6 feet distance from others.
  • Practice good hand hygiene
  • Follow signage and directions of hospital staff.
  • Anyone not following these guidelines will be asked to leave.


What to Expect:

Screening/Masking/Social Distancing

Before Your Procedure

All individuals having surgical procedures will be tested for COVID either several days in advance of the procedure or the day of the procedure.  You will be instructed when to arrive; please arrive as instructed to help us stay on schedule and maintain appropriate distance between appointments.  *Note: COVID testing is only available for those with scheduled procedures at Texas Health Rockwall. 

What to Do:

Think you may have COVID?

If you think you may have COVID please contact your primary care physician who is in the best position to evaluate your symptoms and provide additional guidance on how to proceed.

We are open and as always practice safe care!

If you are experiencing a medical emergency or are in need of a screening procedure please do not delay your care.  Texas Health Rockwall has a reputation for safe care and remains abreast of the latest precautions and recommendations to ensure that we are providing the safest care possible.  If you have concerns please call our hospital and ask to speak to someone who can provide additional details on the area or department you may visit.

For more information about Coronovirus, and what to expect at other Texas Health facilities please click here.