Texas Health Hospital Rockwall’s North ER, located at 2265 N. Lakeshore Drive, is temporarily closed effective midnight Friday, Aug 06. This temporary closure will allow members of the medical team to transfer to our hospital’s main campus on Horizon Road, where they will provide care related to the pandemic.

Sports Medicine

The sports medicine program at Texas Health Rockwall is committed to enhancing the well-being of athletes of all ages in our community. 

Our multi-disciplinary team of specialists can assess and treat sports related injuries quickly to get you back to doing what you love.  Whether your energies lie on the field, court, in the gym or even in your own home, you may at some time experience an injury.  The goal of our program is to reduce the time you are affected by an injury by helping get you to the care you need as quickly as possible.

Sports Medicine for School and Community-based Programs

Our program provides some of the best treatment options available through a team of experienced health professionals dedicated to promoting mental and physical fitness and performance. Our services include:

  • Injury evaluation and rehabilitation
  • Performance consultation
  • Athletic training coverage
  • Concussion management
  • Physician referral

Common Sports-related Injuries

We all know that regular exercise is important to overall health and wellness.  But unfortunately injuries are a common occurrence and can happen to anyone at any time regardless of their physical condition.  Some of the more common conditions include:

  • Muscle strain
  • Low back pain
  • Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (shin splints)
  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (Patellar Tendonitis)
  • Epicondylitis (Tennis/Golf Elbow)

If you do suffer from one of these injuries you may begin self-treatment with rest, ice and wearing a bandage or support device as appropriate.  Continued discomfort, loss of function or pain upon continued exercise should be addressed with your physician.

What if it is more serious?

Should you experience a serious injury you should seek medical care as soon as it is possible to do so.  Contact your family physician or a specialist in the field - or in the event of a true emergency please seek care at the nearest Emergency Room.  Texas Health Rockwall has 2 full service Emergency Rooms equipped to care for any emergency.


Concussion is a concern for all athletes as well as parents of young athletes.  We offer baseline concussion testing options to our partner schools and community organizations. These baseline tests are important tools to evaluate the severity of concussions that may occur and for developing appropriate care plans as a result.  For more information on baseline testing please click here

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Texas Health Rockwall offers a community education program covering a diverse range of topics.  Members of our team are available to speak to schools, parent groups, organizations and businesses.  If you have a specific request please contact the Marketing Department at 469-698-1534 or our Sports Medicine Coordinator at 469-698-1518.

To see a listing of our current offerings visit our Classes & Events page

Find a Care Provider

Texas Health Rockwall has a number of specialists and family practitioners on the medical staff to care for anyone dealing with a sports related injury.  To find a physician to care for you please visit our Find-a-Doctor tool at the bottom of this page.  Some physicians may be affiliated with our school athletics program as well and information on that program can be seen by clicking the Coaches & Parents button below.

  • Orthopedic surgeon - order diagnostics, refer for physical therapy, perform surgery
  • Family Practitioner - initial evaluation, order diagnostics, refer to specialist
  • Cardiologist – evaluate heart related conditions and concerns
  • Spine Surgeon – perform treatment that may or may not include surgery
  • Podiatrist/Podiatric Surgeon - treats foot and ankles problems and injuries

Have questions?

Not sure where to turn or what to do?  Our Sports Medicine Coordinator is available to talk through options.  Call 469-698-1518 during regular office hours Monday through Friday.

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