Texas Health Hospital Rockwall’s North ER, located at 2265 N. Lakeshore Drive, is temporarily closed effective midnight Friday, Aug 06. This temporary closure will allow members of the medical team to transfer to our hospital’s main campus on Horizon Road, where they will provide care related to the pandemic.

Emergency Services

Two Convenient Locations — Same Great Care

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It's comforting to know that emergency care is available around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at both Texas Health Rockwall Emergency Rooms. Board-certified ER physicians, along with experienced, caring ER nurses and paramedics, are well prepared to offer safe, quality emergency services to people of all ages and conditions.  For additional comfort, both ERs offer private rooms, flat panel tvs and free wifi.

Emergency Services FAQ

Triage is a process used in ERs to prioritize patients based on the seriousness of their condition. In emergency situations, patients are not seen on a first-come, first-served basis. Rather, they are seen in order of the seriousness of their problems. Please keep in mind that there are a number of reasons patients may have to wait. Other patients may be treated ahead of you due to the severity of their conditions, if specialized treatment rooms are not immediately available, or if a test or procedure is needed.

Our expanded triage rooms allow for the simultaneous assessment of multiple patients and ultimately more rapid treatment and intervention.

After the triage process, patients will be seen by a provider for stabilization treatment and either admitted, discharged, or transferred.  

Admission – If patients meet clinical criteria for admission, they will be admitted for inpatient care.

Discharge – If patients do not meet clinical criteria for admission and are stabilized, they will be discharged home and referred to a primary care physician or specialist for outpatient evaluation and treatment.

Transfer – Patients may consent to be transferred for a variety of reasons including current hospital bed availability, at the request of the patient or family members, or if a higher level of care or specialized services are needed that are not currently available at our hospital. In some instances, patients may be transferred prior to stabilization if the risks of the transfer are outweighed by the benefits, as determined by your physician.  Several ambulance services are available depending on the situation, patient needs, and response time. Ground transport may be provided by Rockwall County EMS, City Ambulance, Care Flight, or an ambulance provider of your choice. Air ambulance service in the Dallas Fort Worth area is provided by Care Flight.

Our emergency room works collaboratively with other facilities, including Texas Health Dallas, to facilitate transfer for patients requiring services beyond those currently available in Rockwall. We are committed to offering the same level of care for emergency conditions as any large metropolitan emergency room, regardless of the age or condition of the patient. We have streamlined the transfer process to ensure patients requiring a higher level of care or emergency intervention are transferred in a expeditious manner.

Wait times vary for each person depending on how serious their condition is, the category assigned by the triage nurse, and how many patients have more serious conditions. Our North Rockwall ER will often have shorter wait times.* 

Yes, in many instances you can choose.  You can always state your preferred ER location to the EMS crew and simply tell them where you prefer to be treated.  However, if you are being transported by ambulance and have a life threatening situation EMS should always take you to the closest, most appropriate location.

HOSPITAL TO HOME, a safety program developed by Emergency Medicine Consultants, offers patients the ability to text, share images, even video chat questions related to a recent ER visit directly with a physician.  All without leaving home!

ER patients at both the main ER and the North Rockwall ER locations, are discharged with information on how to access this secure resource.  With a physician response generally provided in just a few minutes, Hospital to Home offers patients, their loved ones or caregiver:

  • Access to follow-up care for 1 week following an ER visit, at no additional charge to the patient*
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Conversational and continued dialogue
  • Ease of use

*This complimentary access is for computer or mobile access only.  Should you need to return to the ER for further care that visit will be charged as appropriate.  Those charges will include any services that may be provided including supplies, laboratory or radiology services, medication and other charges as well as physician charges.

Caring For Heart Patients

Patients who come to the emergency room at Texas Health Rockwall exhibiting signs of a heart attack are rapidly evaluated by a board-certified ER physician and experienced nurses and paramedics. Once stabilized, patients experiencing an acute heart attack will be transported by air ambulance for emergent intervention in the cardiac catheterization lab. The efficiency of this program consistently allows for intervention within 90 minutes of arrival in Rockwall, which meets the recommendations of the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association.  We are excited to announce the addition of a cardiac catheterization lab included in our expansion.  Visit our expansion page for more details.

Caring For Pediatric Patients

ER nurses are experienced in caring for pediatric emergencies and continue to receive training to ensure we provide a high level of care to the future of our community. Pediatric patients who require admission for inpatient treatment not available at Texas Health Rockwall will be transferred to area pediatric centers based on capacity and/or family preference.

Contracted ER Physicians

Texas Health Rockwall contracts with Emergency physicians from Emergency Medicine Consultants, Ltd., (part of TeamHealth) of Fort Worth, Texas. For more information about Emergency Medicine Consultants, please click here.  

Your Opinion Counts!

After you are treated and released, you may receive a survey regarding your experience in our emergency room. Please complete the survey and return it as soon as possible. We value and appreciate your opinion, and will use your comments to identify areas for improvement.

*Shorter wait times are not a guarantee. Natural disasters and other unforeseen circumstances may increase wait time.

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