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What our patients say


Kelsey (taken From an article in Living magazine): While checking in to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall, Kelsey’s OB-gyn, Dr. Karen Slabas, called and said she had been reviewing her scan and wanted to use the da Vinci robot, instead of the laparoscope, to remove the tumors. “She said, ‘I really think I can save more ovarian tissue that way,’” Kelsey explained. “I told (Dr. Slabas) her I’ll take babies over a pretty belly any day!”

“She said she wanted to save the look of my belly for a bikini,” Kelsey giggled.

“Kelsey had significantly enlarged tumors on both of her ovaries,” stated Dr. Slabas. “If I had performed the surgery laparoscopically, she likely would have lost her right ovary because the scope is so large and can be more difficult to manipulate. We would not have been able to save enough tissue from the left ovary either, if it wasn’t for the robot.” And with her wedding just two months away, Kelsey would not have been able to have a dress fitting due to a large incision. The new Xi robot made a huge difference for her, and likely preserved her reproductive health moving forward. She was able to recover with minimal complications, and enjoy her wedding.

“I never expected to go through all of this at this point in my life…especially two months before my wedding,” Kelsey confided. “But I’m feeling great, my sutures are healing, and I feel blessed that it’s done. Without that new robot, I don’t think we’d have babies in the future.”


Don, a patient of Dr. Stephens, stated that when he went in for da Vinci Xi robotic hernia surgery they found a second hernia and were able to fix that one at the same time.  He had 2 tiny incisions that even just a couple short months later he cannot see at all as they left no scarring. He was off work for only 5 days and returned to work without any issues.


Shirley, a patient of Dr. Rodgriguez, stated that her surgeon and the da Vinci robotic surgery saved her life.  She had no fear of robotic surgery because she had complete confidence in her surgeon. She said there is no scar/cannot even see where the surgery was and even after the complicated surgery she was able to go back to work 14 days after returning home so the healing process must be shorter.  Shirley is high energy and leads a very active life; she thanks her surgeon, the hospital staff and these advancements for helping her return to a normal life so quickly.