Body Analytics: Hydrostatic Body Composition Testing




Body Analytics will be onsite at Tuesday, March 26 from 12pm-6pm at Texas Health Rockwall offering body composition testing.

Underwater Weighing or hydrostatic testing is an effective method of body fat testing and can provide a more reliable calculation of your body fat as a percentage of your total weight.  This testing also provides a resting metabolic rate which helps provide important information on caloric needs to reach your health and fitness goals.

Why do it? This assessment gives you a two dimensional look at what your body is made up of- bones, fat, muscle, organs AND then a more specific diet plan related to your make up can be made. Lastly, it helps provide information about the muscle formation and fat reduction in your journey towards being healthier.

What to wear?? You need to wear either a bathing suit OR tight shirt and shorts. BRING a towel to dry off afterwards and perhaps a change of clothes. There is a dressing room on the truck.

How do I sign up? This is a scheduled appointment. Click our Register button or visit “find a location”, then choose Texas Health Rockwall on March 26th. You choose the time that works best for you.

Cost? $49 paid directly to the vendor  Please be prepared to pay at the time of your appointment - cash, check or credit cards accepted.

Location?  The Body Analytics bus will be located in the parking lot next door to the imaging center (on the hospital campus). The imaging center is located on Horizon Road in front of the campus near the intersection of Horizon Road and Rockwall Parkway next door to Eye Care of Rockwall.


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