Bariatric Surgery Support Group - Virtual

Support classes are one of the most effective tools for those of us who have chosen to make this weight loss journey. For most of us, this is the one place in our lives where we are surrounded by individuals who understand the challenges we face and the way in which our lives have changed.  Our support groups are specifically designed to encourage potential weight loss while addressing a range of psychological and physical needs of patients who have undergone a bariatric procedure. Topics may range from accepting the dramatic changes to your body and the way you relate to others in your new skin, to diet and exercise.

Please call the Bariatric Center at 469-698-1622 for more information.

Classes are offered twice monthly on Tuesday and are open to patients who have had surgery elsewhere.  

2nd Tuesday 12:00pm

4th Tuesday 5:00pm

9/28/2021 5:00 PM

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