Rockwall Women's Imaging & Breast Center is one of the first in the DFW area to offer 3D Total Breast Ultrasound.

As a leading healthcare provider, the Rockwall Women's Imaging & Breast Center at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall is pleased to offer 3D Total Breast Ultrasound. Designed with patients in mind, this breast exam is more comfortable than ever before but also provides greater advantages for improved diagnostic imaging. "With our new automated breast ultrasound unit," says John Burgardt, M.D. a radiologist on staff at Texas Health Rockwall "we have the ability to view tissue in 3D and reveal lesions that may be hidden with conventional mammography. This is especially important in many young patients and patients who have dense tissue on mammography, or high risk patients. All of this is done without radiation."

More than half of women have dense breasts, increasing their risk of breast cancer up to five times according to the New England Journal of Medicine. While mammography remains the standard for breast health, in certain cases dense breast tissue poses a unique challenge for mammography. Small cancers can be more difficult to detect when hiding within dense breast tissue therefore including ultrasound images along with mammography can help physicians make better decisions.

Texas Health Rockwall immediately recognized the benefits this offered. This new technology images the entire breast, giving physicians a 3D view of each patient's unique anatomy, and provides a more holistic view of suspicious tissue. "3D Total Breast Ultrasound provides a comfortable, accurate way to diagnose areas of concern within dense breast tissue that would be very difficult to detect using traditional methods. The enhanced view provides for better clarity and consistency in evaluation." says Daniel de la Torre, RT(R)(CT)(MR), BHSc, Director of Imaging. "By using this technology we can locate some cancers earlier. This leads to earlier treatment which has a direct impact on positive outcomes."

3D Total Breast Ultrasound is just one of the tools that are expanding the clinical insight into breast care. The American Cancer Society and the American Medical Association recommend screening mammography once a year for every woman over age 40. Ultrasound is an important supplement to the traditional mammogram and a quickly growing tool for complete breast health protection.